Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Awesome Water Park

and i got to go swimming in the pool and i got to go to a waterpark.

one of the slides was pitch black, it was called the purple haze. it's like you got swallowed by a monster and it started walking. i rode it 3 times. i wasn't scared at all (only the first time). then i went on the blue slide, it was called the tube blaster. it would get water in your eyes and mouth, unless you had goggles and kept your mouth shut. there were also 4 slides that you rode on your bottom. and the first one went really, really fast if you laid down.

the second one had a little you would twirl around and around until you came to the tunnel where you would slant down for 1 foot. you get water in your mouth on that slide too, but i always closed my mouth right before i landed. i rode that slide twice.

the third was just wacky! it was sooo was called the devil's corkscrew.

the fourth slide went zig-zag, up and down, all around.

there was a different slide that you used an innertube was called the river slide. you get stuck in little pools and you have to fight to get out. once your out the current takes you downstream really fast until you hit the next pool! sometimes you get so stuck that someone else has to push you out.

The Great Racoon

My sister made this's so cute... (syd wrote that)
(second racoon video)

i saw a racoon in Leavenworth, WA.

it was really dark out when i saw my first racoon of my life. it was about 9pm.

then the next morning i saw my second one. it was a baby racoon that lost it's mother. he was curled into a little ball on the sidewalk, in the hot sun. then my mom tried to help him get into the bushes with a few cardboard boxes. (the movie above is my mom trying to move him).

so i had to get packing and so i had to leave the racoon in the bushes. i wanted to see him again. we finally left leavenworth, washington.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Club Penguin

Sydnie's Paint Club Penguin Pix

Sydnie's Penguin/Puffle Magical Sphere Pix

Noah's Box Penguin Pix

I absolutely love club penguin!!! i like my sister's paint drawings of club penguin and my club penguin is the one on the bottom. it is a box penguin. he boxes for his head and his chest. i just started playing with paint today and this is my first picture. i feel like having a few people being my friends on club penguin and i like my sister's first has a box that leads the penguins into the box dimension (that is all the purple stuff). i like sister's other one because the penguin is holding up a magical sphere that is going to hit the puffle. when i started playing club penguin i absolutely, positively loved it! after three years it had started to become a little boring because we couldn't buy anything because we didn't have a membership. but now i have a membership and i can buy things, so i like it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


this is my sisters picture, because she is crazy she forgot to turn off her camera for the special one for fireworks and then her picture turned out like this. she calls it heaven. really, the heaven bed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

another lego post

i am looking forward to getting a lego soon, because i haven't gotten one in so long. i got a lot of lego from my grandma one birthday because we went up to the lego store. it is really fun to have a blog, i hope you enjoy this blog post because i am not done playing with my blog! i will return!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


new lego space police

i have seen the new lego space police and i watched the movies that they have and they were fun to watch. the rating i would have done if there were ratings....i would do 5 out of 5. i don't own any yet, but i hope i do real quick.

Willy the Wolf

from the great wolf lodge!!!

he is a great wolf from the great wolf lodge. at the gwl me and my sister went on the wand expolorer thing, which is called magiquest and we beat the dragon. and that we had really fun time doing it. and that we had fun when we went into the arcade. my mom got 1,000 tickets on the big bass bonus! the pool was really fun. it had kind of like a park. it was a water park. there was a wave pool and there was a playground with water. there was two slides to race on and on that water park with the slides on it..ummmmmmmmm....there was a big bucket of water and then it tips over once it is pretty much full, then you get soaking wet. it is really fun. there are big slides like the howlin tornado and the alberta falls and family river run and that is all there is.
the end.