Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Club Penguin

Sydnie's Paint Club Penguin Pix

Sydnie's Penguin/Puffle Magical Sphere Pix

Noah's Box Penguin Pix

I absolutely love club penguin!!! i like my sister's paint drawings of club penguin and my club penguin is the one on the bottom. it is a box penguin. he boxes for his head and his chest. i just started playing with paint today and this is my first picture. i feel like having a few people being my friends on club penguin and i like my sister's first picture.........it has a box that leads the penguins into the box dimension (that is all the purple stuff). i like sister's other one because the penguin is holding up a magical sphere that is going to hit the puffle. when i started playing club penguin i absolutely, positively loved it! after three years it had started to become a little boring because we couldn't buy anything because we didn't have a membership. but now i have a membership and i can buy things, so i like it!

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