Monday, July 6, 2009

Willy the Wolf

from the great wolf lodge!!!

he is a great wolf from the great wolf lodge. at the gwl me and my sister went on the wand expolorer thing, which is called magiquest and we beat the dragon. and that we had really fun time doing it. and that we had fun when we went into the arcade. my mom got 1,000 tickets on the big bass bonus! the pool was really fun. it had kind of like a park. it was a water park. there was a wave pool and there was a playground with water. there was two slides to race on and on that water park with the slides on it..ummmmmmmmm....there was a big bucket of water and then it tips over once it is pretty much full, then you get soaking wet. it is really fun. there are big slides like the howlin tornado and the alberta falls and family river run and that is all there is.
the end.


  1. So good to see you back on the blog, Noah. I've missed you. Isn't summer fun? Sounds like you've been having a busy, awesome summer so far. Keep up the writing! Love, Mrs. Rawlins

  2. yes i have been playing alot for the summer and i have new blog posts so come out and check em!!! (typed by mom, but noah's words)